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Snacks 小吃篇

1. Fried Chicken, Gai Tod



Deep fried to a crisp, if you’ve been to the streets of Bangkok, you’ll definitely not miss out these orange/golden brown pieces of fried chicken snacks which looks ten times better than the ones from Colonel Sander’s kitchen. Best served over sticky rice with deep fried shallots.


2. Chocolate and Banana Roti


Source Similar to roti prata in Singapore, but 10x better. How can it not when it’s freshly fried in front of you, dough stretched paper thin onto the hot griddle, banana slices placed in the middle and folded, fried to a golden brown before being topped with sugar, condensed milk and drizzles of chocolate sauce?


3. Thai Fish Cakes (Tod Mun Pla Krai)


These fish cakes are unlike the Western deep fried varieties which are battered before being deep fried. Best eaten hot out of the fryer and dipped into a slightly tangy and spicy chilli dip.


4. Thai Steamed Dumplings (Kanom Jeeb)


Coming in a myriad of colors looking very much like siew mai, Kanom Jeeb are Thai style steamed meat dumplings with shrimps, shiitake mushrooms, and water chestnuts paired with a fried garlic-soy sauce.


5. Quail Eggs


Can be found from street food stalls to food courts and restaurants, quail eggs are cooked sunny side up.


6. Grilled Chicken / Pork Skewers


Like satay, Moo Ping in Thailand is skewered pork cooked over charcoal imparting a smokiness to the meat. Compared to Singapore’s satay, the portion of meat on each stick is about 3x more.

像沙爹,泰式小吃烤猪肉Moo Ping是把猪肉串放在木炭上熏烧。对比新加坡的沙爹,泰国的份量是他的3倍多。

7. Salt Grilled Fish (Pla Pao)


Some might be put off by the immense amount of salt coated around these fish. I was horrified at first, baffled at how anything edible can be edible beneath so much salt. However, a hawker educated me that the salt helps to seal in the juices of the fish when it is grilled over the charcoal and that the skin is not supposed to be eaten. Pulling away the skin reveals soft, tender fish meat which is awesome with jasmine rice or sticky rice.


8. Grilled Chicken (Gai Yang)


Thailand’s version of chicken chop, but supersized. A whole chicken is halved before being pounded flat, marinated, and grilled over a low heat on a charcoal flame slowly. Like many other Thai dishes, Gai Yang is best eaten with sticky rice and a variety of sauces and chillies.


9. Thai Crispy Crêpe (Khanom Bueang)


I used to get these crispy crêpe snacks topped with meringue and sweet dried coconut in boxes to bring home. But after trying the freshly made ones, I’m a convert. The fresh ones hot off the griddle are crispy and so addictive. The crispy base with the meringue and slightly sweet coconut shreds on top are perfect pairings. Definitely a must eat when you’re in Bangkok!


10. Thai Traditional Sweet Rice Cake (Kanom Krok)


Another must-eat snack when in Bangkok. We couldn’t stop raving about it after our first bite. Cooked in a Kanom Krok griddle, these floury snacks when fresh off the griddle possess a slightly molten center encased with a lightly crisp, elastic casing. Like an Asian bite-sized lava cake. The ones we had at Eathai were divine.


11. Oyster Omelette (Hoy Tod)


Not a huge consumer of oyster omelette, I enjoyed Thai’s version more than Singapore. Even after consuming the best oyster omelettes in Singapore, my tastebuds still prefer the slightly more starchy, yet crisp ones from Bangkok. The omelettes here are similar to the ones you find in Taiwan.


12. Thai Fresh Spring Rolls with Herbs (Kuay Teow Lui Suan)


This is similar to the ones you find in Vietnam except they are wrapped with large pieces of kway teow (flat wide rice noodles). These are filled with a variety of ingredients from meat to vegetarian options. They are made on the spot at night markets and served with Thailand’s signature chilli dip. Definitely have it with the dip I say.


13. Sausages (Sai Oua)


There is a large variety of sausages sold at street food stalls. Some of the sausages are stuffed with real meat and are freshly cooked. Unfortunately, some of the ones we tried had a plastic feel to them. Get the Sai Oua if you find them, especially the Northern Thai Sausages.They are typically sold in the Northern regions of Thailand.


14. Seafood Pan


Cooked in a Kanom Krok griddle, this is the savory version of the Kanom Krok and can be found in Platinum Mall's food court. These Seafood Pan are filled with eggs and and a variety of seafood before being served with a chilli dip at the side.


15. Seafood


There are some stalls along the roadside selling a variety of street food, from huge grilled prawns to sotongs and crabs. If you’re a sucker for oysters, definitely try the cold, fresh ones from Eathai. They are super fresh and HUGE.



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