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adj. 初期的;开始存在的,发生中的;新生的

The sell-off came as Italy’s political class struggled to steer a steady path to new elections after President Sergio Mattarella vetoed selection of a Eurosceptic finance minister by the nascentgovernment of two populist parties, leading to the collapse of their new coalition at the weekend.

nascent/quixotic/stealthily | 热词手帐

此轮抛售出现之际,意大利政治阶层正努力将国家平稳地引向新的选举。此前意大利总统塞尔焦•马塔雷拉(Sergio Mattarella)否决了由两个民粹主义政党组成的新政府提出的由疑欧人士出任财政部长的提名,这导致刚刚组建的联合政府在周末解体。

来源:《Italy crisis spreads as central bank chief warns investor trust is fading/意大利政治危机惊吓欧美金融市场》



adj. 堂吉诃德式的,愚侠的,不切实际的

If that sounds like a quixotic system for a continent twice the size of Australia that contains vast untapped natural resources, it is. But the idealism underpinning it is very clear.


来源:《The fight to own Antarctica/谁拥有南极洲?》



adv. 暗地里;偷偷摸摸地

But several China-backed acquisitions in Germany have sparked debate, the latest of which involved Chinese carmaker Geely stealthily building up a $9bn stake in Daimler, the owner of Mercedes-Benz.



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